The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1361
Chapter 1352 „Did you prepare to wait for death?” Purple Cloud True Monarch results in tranquilly does not have the sound of slight ripples to spread in the world, if this words said from the mouth of other people, feared that will make people feel laughable, but now, on this day within the innumerable powerhouses cannot smile. Because in this northern territory, once Purple Cloud True Monarch spoke these words, perhaps besides another two Overlord, other people, indeed can only honest waiting for death. However... Present words, were perhaps many third. Therefore, under the gaze of that countless people gaze, Mu Chen has not actually paid attention to Purple Cloud True Monarch, instead looks to thunder sound and Golden Eagle Emperor, said with a smile: „Don't you plan the same place?” He naturally is looks at thunder sound, Golden Eagle Emperor they also imply killing intent to him, what is extraordinary, he actually not, therefore fears the hand to fear the foot, instead spoke frankly the provocation. Northern territory in original, these all parties powerhouses are also the facial skin twitch, this Mu Chen, actually true has the energy, ascended the sky extremely arrogantly? Provoked Purple Cloud True Monarch to be insufficient, he also really wants to tow thunder sound, Golden Eagle Emperor two people also on together inadequate? Once Three Great Overlord also gets rid, they believe that this Mu Chen, today must die absolutely without doubt. thunder sound, Golden Eagle Emperor their also same is because Mu Chen this action both eyes have narrowed the eyes, their look deep place has the cold brightness to condense, vision stubbornly is staring at Mu Chen, as if must completely understand same him. Their same is not clear, why Mu Chen so extremely arrogant. But faces their vision, Mu Chen with a smile is welcoming, in the jet black pupil, does not see the meaning of slight retreat, instead is filling brilliant fighting intent. Looks at his appearance so, thunder sound and Golden Eagle Emperor vision dodges, this aspect, but also so calm, this Mu Chen, if not the lunatic, that leaves leeway trump card. But their able becomes Overlord of northern territory, in the bone naturally is must have discretely, therefore, they favor the latter. Therefore, thunder sound shows a faint smile, said: You now are Purple Cloud True Monarch prey, my two people are not good to meddle.” Actually no matter Mu Chen is the lunatic or has the method, has Purple Cloud True Monarch to get rid to probe in any case, when the time comes their may relaxed sees the Mu Chen depth. The present words, the enemy method is unclear, if gets rid easily, if Mu Chen has the method that anything perishes together, feared that will link them to tow. They may sit quietly now greatly Diaoyutai, when so long as the time finds out the Mu Chen method, they when the time comes naturally can make Mu Chen know, shows off before them, actually the fate can be what kind pitiful. Mu Chen is looking at two of being entirely still, smiled, said: That may indeed be a pity.” The Purple Cloud True Monarch eyelid hangs, lightly [say / way]: Was dying, why again plays tricks, plays with these cheap tricks.” Mu Chen smiles, said: Such being the case, that makes me ask for advice, so-called touching Heavenly Sovereign, is actually away from Heavenly Sovereign far.”

The instance when its voice drops, in his eye pupil, Saint Vajra Pagoda blossoms in radiant splendor, within the body Spiritual Energy just likes flood same sweeps across from various body places, finally infusion enters Saint Vajra Pagoda, after the transformation, the amplification, wells up to return to within the body once again. Bang! crystalline light , erupts suddenly from Mu Chen within the body in this time, the whole body clothes robe agitation, flap flap makes noise, the Spiritual Energy powerful degree, rises successively. The time of short counting breaths, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation that then erupts from Mu Chen within the body, has then exceeded some top Great Perfection powerhouses. Sees this, in the world numerous powerhouses are also low in an uproar, this Mu Chen, obviously only half Great Perfection strength, Spiritual Energy that may erupt from its within the body, actually compared with top Great Perfection also stronger horizontal. Moreover, that crystal Spiritual Energy, obviously extreme mystical, not with same. Vast endless Spiritual Energy howls in within the body, the Mu Chen five fingers grips tightly slowly, then was a fist rumbles. Bang! Huge crystal fist seal, violently shoots, contain powerful power, is being the bang explodes directly void, just likes together shooting star, maliciously is howling to go to that Purple Cloud True Monarch. However, is facing a fist of Mu Chen so fierce and tough, Purple Cloud True Monarch is actually cold smiles, does not have any defense unexpectedly, the both arms hold the chest, whatever a Mu Chen fist rumbles. Bang! The fist light numerous bombardments above the Purple Cloud True Monarch body, that piece of space, as if in this time fierce vibration, as if soon will jump broken. The fist light dissipates, innumerable [say / way] lines of sight are fierce shrinks, because they saw that Purple Cloud True Monarch maintains the both arms is holding the stance of chest as before, the body is entirely still. Formerly a fist of Mu Chen that fierce and tough, as if linked his body not to shake. Mu Chen that this formerly has swept away all obstacles, was prevented in this time finally. „Like the ant.” Purple Cloud True Monarch smiles densely, said. That thunder sound, Golden Eagle Emperor is also the vision dodges, this fellow, but also does only put on airs really? Strikes, unexpectedly on basic cannot shake the defense of Purple Cloud True Monarch. But in the vision gaze of that everywhere sympathy, Mu Chen was a little also astonished however looked at Purple Cloud True Monarch one, said with a smile: Really touches a Heavenly Sovereign mystery.” Hearsay Heavenly Sovereign Stage, able unifies with a side world oneself, forms strength of the extremely formidable guard, any attack, when shelling body, the majority of strengths, will disperse to with that stretch of world that its unifies. This is the so-called harmony of nature and man.

Formerly Purple Cloud True Monarch, dispersed in the attack of Mu Chen this stretch of world obviously, but itself, only to bear part of attacks, naturally are the resistance of able forcibly. Past Mu Chen, has not fought with this touching Heavenly Sovereign powerhouse, therefore naturally must probe first. Also calculates a little vision, but was a pity already late.” Purple Cloud True Monarch appearance hidden in the shade, in purple pupil has killing intent to condense. Mu Chen hearing this, is shakes the head smiles, said: These words, when your promote entered the Heavenly Sovereign thorough able harmony of nature and man really again, now... Your this false harmony of nature and man of Sanjiaomao, does not have you to think is so strong.” Acting recklessly thing, at this time, but also is obstinate argumentative!” Purple Cloud True Monarch dense [say / way]. However Mu Chen actually no longer pays attention, his single-handed knot seal, sees only behind to have violet gold light beam to erupt, directly has formed a huge light. Obviously was activate Immortal Golden Body. buzz! Above Immortal Golden Body, violet gold light pattern reappear, at once just likes big dragon same is separated, circles in all around. Immortal God Pattern, immortal [gold/metal] Gong.” Mu Chen stretches out the palm, sees only that over a hundred Immortal God Pattern to come, crazy condensation in his hand, short after counting breaths, sees only that huge violet gold light beam, then changed into a handle golden big bow. Mu Chen grasps the golden big bow, the look indifferent looks to Purple Cloud True Monarch, both hands draws, crazy condensation of violet gold light beam on bowstring, finally changed into a ruler unexpectedly about golden arrow, an arrow as if gold has cast, above was covering entirely the mysterious trace. Meanwhile, the Mu Chen sleeve robe shakes, suddenly has one group just likes the fruit jelly golden liquid departs, finally that golden arrow, all package. The golden liquid rapid coagulation, golden arrow above light beam, in this time all restraining, making it seem no longer eye-catching, instead became ordinary. This golden fruit jelly liquid, naturally is Mu Chen from the Great Thousand building , received exchange for the wonderful treasure that comes with Demon Execution Points, the diamond broken spirit thick liquid. The golden arrow is sharp, distant directional Purple Cloud True Monarch, Mu Chen shows a faint smile, said in a soft voice: This time, do you stand again me show?” Buzz! The sound falls, he counts on the fingers a loosen, the bowstring is shocked, wipes lightly golden light, violently shoots. Disregards the line of sight, moves. But in that said instance that lightly golden light projects, the pupil of Purple Cloud True Monarch is fierce shrinks, because he feels, the sharp air/Qi that unable described, came distantly, punctures his skin intermittent stabbing pain unexpectedly.

This lets in his heart flood a meaning with amazement, the might of Mu Chen this arrow, is above imagination terrifying, by this realm harmony of nature and man, is impossible to bear to get down completely. This fellow, really a little ability.” Purple Cloud True Monarch complexion gloomy, he is looking at that rapidly enlargement golden light in the eye, does not dare to neglect, takes a deep breath, the sole stamps, sees only the purple light to fill the air, purple Giant Silhouette appeared in its behind. That obviously is he cultivation Sovereign Body Skill. Purple emperor picks the star to refer to!” Purple Cloud True Monarch sinking sound deeply roared, the seal technique change, two fingers and tune, fly high to select suddenly. But that purple Giant Silhouette , stretches out two fingers, between the purple light lingers, as if changed into purple starry skies, the fingertip has touched, is going to select the stars. Purple Cloud True Monarch this gets rid, immediately brings in the innumerable startled sounds, everyone knows, one of the Purple Cloud True Monarch killing move, is this purple emperor picks the star to refer, however now, unexpectedly directly has displayed. Obviously, attack that Mu Chen displays, making Purple Cloud True Monarch feel the true threat. ! But also under the gaze of that countless people gaze, wiped the lightly golden light passing over gently and swiftly horizon, after several breath, in line of sight that then in that held the breath with rapt attention, with that purple huge finger, numerous collisions in one... .... ( Told everybody information, military moves universe soap opera 14 th to want starting, when as for pats not to be indefinite, when the time comes looked in any case...) ......... ....( To be continued.) The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit Please collect the home station to read the latest novel!