The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1362
Chapter 1353 Buzz! Sound that the bowstring vibrates, as if also residual horizon, but that wipes lightly golden light, is actually directly shocks the sky with that purple huge finger, numerous collisions in one. ! The instance of collision, the first shattered avalanche, is that piece of space, sees only innumerable debris flying upside down, the sharp light class, the surrounding area ten thousand li (0.5km) inside sky, is cuts tattered and torn. Innumerable [say / way] lines of sight, stubbornly is staring at the point of both collision, they can look, no matter Mu Chen, is Purple Cloud True Monarch, their getting rid were very ruthless, absolutely did not have the meaning of probe. Therefore , this confrontation, sufficiently sees among them the depth. Rumbling! In the sky, purple huge finger erupts the terrifying purple storm, the momentum is scary, but reviews that to wipe golden light, actually as before is lightly, but seems like weak golden light, under wreaking havoc of purple storm, is actually entirely still. Purple Cloud True Monarch body, suspension in the midair, he looks that is wiping lightly golden light, complexion is actually gloomy a little slightly, because his able feels that wipes the dangerous aura that golden light carries, has not weakened. This boy, but also indeed somewhat is strange!” Purple Cloud True Monarch talked to oneself in a low voice that Mu Chen is relying on merely half Great Perfection strength, the offensive of displays, is actually is above the astonishment of anticipation, even contends with this touching Heavenly Sovereign powerhouse sufficiently. Purple Cloud True Monarch eye glow glittering, takes a deep breath, ties seal at once single-handed suddenly. Bang! Sees only above that purple huge finger, the auspicious sign crazy condensation, that purple starry sky expansions even more, look from afar, just like is real starry skies, among that purple stars is revolving unceasingly, is releasing the astonishing strength. But rises suddenly with the purple huge finger strength, that wipes lightly golden light, finally is starts to have a point suppressed sign. Sees this, Liu Tiandao of that distant place, numerous Mu Palace powerhouses immediately complexion changes, the palm grips tightly, the heart mentioned the throat, their very clear this confrontation has the what kind significance, so long as Mu Chen able succeeds, then he had proven he has is contending with the Purple Cloud True Monarch this grade of strength powerhouse. Once he falls into the declining tendency, thunder sound that then eyes covetously in the one side, Golden Eagle Emperor, perhaps will then be getting rid without hesitation, thorough him as well as Mu Palace, will infiltrate the perdition. In that innumerable [say / way] tense vision gaze, Mu Chen is also staring at even more terrifying purple storm, the fearful strength that above sends out, has indeed gone to a quite terrifying situation. This degree of attack, perhaps if this time his only Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, he really will collapse completely as before. But was a pity... When present he, compared with Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, but obtained the huge promotion once again. Therefore, he lifts the finger, distant to that lightly golden light, a point, is gently indistinct, as if there is low sound, spreads from his mouth in: Broken!” Bang!

In that flash that its sound drops, lightly golden light, seems thorough gave up all suppressions, dazzling golden light, as if One Golden Fiery Sun, slowly raises. The sharp air/Qi that unable described, shot up to the sky in this time, that sharpness, just liked is able pierces the world, did not have to prevent! buzz! In golden light, golden arrow is shivering fiercely, the next quarter, has the extremely ancient complicated trace, grows from arrow on, in that arrow sharp place, has the spiral [gold/metal] mark to appear. Scoff! A golden arrow vibration, countless people only hear together the slight scoffing sound, then suddenly saw that wipes golden light, unexpectedly in this instantaneous, then pierced that purple huge finger. It seems like the fearful purple storm, cannot prevent that together golden color arrow unexpectedly slightly. Whish. In the world, erupts deafeningly startled whish sound. What?!” Purple Cloud True Monarch complexion at this time drastic change, his same has not thought that Mu Chen offensive unexpectedly in instantaneous swift and fierce to this degree. ! lightly golden light pierces the space, counts breaths, is points to the Purple Cloud True Monarch main body to go. Looks golden light that is shooting, Purple Cloud True Monarch complexion is also incomparable serious gets up, that thick dangerous aura, making his whole body fine hair but actually set upright. Therefore, his calls out, sees only behind that together just likes substantive purple Giant Silhouette , then wields the great fist, pounds loudly, the purple fist light, blocks the sky. But his body, then in this time rapid but actually shoots to draw back. Bang! Golden arrow, without hesitation bumps into with that golden great fist, however, seems like the fierce and tough incomparable attack, under cannot prevent golden arrow as before, the golden light rapid dissipation. Even, including the great fist of that purple light, in the next flash, exploding loudly is broken. Everywhere purple light howls, purple Giant Silhouette retreat, the entire arm is disrupts again and again, but, after the bang has broken to pieces an arm of Giant Silhouette , that golden arrow above strength, finally is the thorough consumption completely, Bang, disrupts. The golden liquid flows, finally howled to return, falls in the hand of Mu Chen, just liked fruit jelly same creeping motion slowly. Builds the Peerless Sacred Item necessary wonderful treasure worthily.” Mu Chen eye somewhat shining is looking at the diamond broken spirit thick liquid in hand, formerly that together offensive able took this effect, almost 50% merit come from it. If not the sharpness of this diamond broken spirit thick liquid specially broken Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen that arrow, although able makes Purple Cloud True Monarch distressed, but actually unable achieves latter's Sovereign Body Skill is the bang explodes an arm.

The golden liquid just likes living creature same, flows in the fingertip of Mu Chen, he gained ground, looks to the distant place, presently sees only there Purple Cloud True Monarch complexion to be pale, look gloomy fearfully. „Can this time, the ant?” Mu Chen looks at look gloomy Purple Cloud True Monarch, lightly smiled was saying. Purple Cloud True Monarch cheek spasm, in the heart although is angry, but actually unable disputes, because everyone can look, formerly the attack of Mu Chen, compelled the distressed region him. It seems like you refuse to accept.” Mu Chen looks at gloomy Purple Cloud True Monarch, shows a faint smile, single-handed knot seal, sees is only over a hundred Immortal God Pattern condenses to come, to change into the golden big bow. Buzz! Mu Chen draws the bowstring, shakes slightly, wipes golden light, violently shoots, at the same time, that group of diamond broken spirit thick liquid, branches out one wisp, twines in the point of that golden light. Comes again.” An arrow projects, the Mu Chen palm lifts, then countless people gaze is sight with amazement, is over a hundred Immortal God Pattern gathers the golden big bow to appear. Buzz! The bowstring vibrates, is an arrow projects. Buzz! Buzz! Short the time of dozens rests, Mu Chen whole body golden light puts greatly, enough ten golden light connect violently shoots, overwhelming is covering to go to Purple Cloud True Monarch. Ten [gold/metal] arrows cover to come, to face this grade of offensive, Purple Cloud True Monarch complexion changed, formerly he had tried these golden arrow overbearing, now ten Qi to come, if were hit, he inevitably is unable to bear. Therefore, he does not dare to have slight neglecting, look up to the sky cries loud and long, suddenly projects the purple pink clouds from his mouth, the multi-colored sunlight fills the air, just liked has formed the purple cloud layer, protected it all round. Purple god rosy cloud!” Is looking at these purple pink clouds, in world erupts the intermittent sound in an uproar immediately, because the northern territory everyone knows that Purple Cloud True Monarch is having together Quasi-Peerless Sacred Item, the named purple god rosy cloud, is the thing of extremely formidable protection, if launches, even if the powerhouse of same rank, is very difficult to break it. However the same time, Purple Cloud True Monarch little uses this treasure extremely, but at present, is actually uses, thus it can be seen, that Mu Chen, actually made him feel the what kind danger. thunder sound of distant place, Golden Eagle Emperor sees this, is the look changes, their strength, with Purple Cloud True Monarch all about the same, if were compelled including Purple Cloud True Monarch this step, then in other words, that Mu Chen, has is threatening their strengths. This fellow, but also indeed has belittled him!” They look at each other one, vision glittering, the look deep place, has cold light to flow. Bang! Bang! Bang! When everywhere sound in an uproar gets up, that golden light bombardments maliciously in the purple multi-colored sunlight, erupt the deafening great sound, the space unceasing avalanche, but that purple pink clouds, under that bombardment, is tumbling fiercely...

However this purple light defensive power indeed is extreme terrifying, formerly only one, was makes Purple Cloud True Monarch quite distressed merely, but he hides in the purple light deep place now, ten [gold/metal] arrows got down, only made the purple light weaker. Purple Cloud True Monarch places the purple light deep place, he looks at the pink clouds that is tumbling unceasingly fiercely, gained ground, distant is looking at Mu Chen, dense [say / way]: Boy, your this attacks although to be fierce, how many times but can also come?” Purple Cloud True Monarch touches the Heavenly Sovereign powerhouse after all, the eyesight is uncommon, the attack of this might, Mu Chen again how powerful, is impossible to display continuously, after all his only half Great Perfection. Therefore, present he, only needs to hide in the purple light, to the Mu Chen consumption, when the opposite party was exhausted, he is able waits at ease for an exhausted enemy, cuts to kill Mu Chen. Naturally, this type of way although face countenance is a little unattractive, so long as able wins, what sacrificed a face countenance to be considered as? Mu Chen hears the Purple Cloud True Monarch sound, smiles, lightly nodded, said: This attack, consumption is indeed enormous.” By his present strength, continual activate ten immortal [gold/metal] Jian, indeed has reached some limit. Purple Cloud True Monarch hearing this, mouth corner raises wipes sneered, so long as the Mu Chen offensive presents the gap, then his able displays the counter-attack. However, but also does not need his mouth corner sneered to proliferate, he is saw that Mu Chen reveals to him wipes the strange smiling face, then the latter both hands tie seal suddenly. The instance when its seal technique forms, Mu Chen space fluctuates, black white two silhouette, slowly reappears. But along with the appearance of black and white Mu Chen, simultaneously sees only them to lift the hand, immediately on Immortal Golden Body has many Immortal God Pattern to condense, then rapid in their hands condensed two handle golden color big bows. They pull open the bowstring, distant fixed Purple Cloud True Monarch. Mu Chen shows a faint smile, sound in world, spreading slowly. Then, makes me try, your this tortoise shell actually does able protect your how long?” But sneered on Purple Cloud True Monarch face, in this time little coagulation. ... ( The two days was moving, therefore has delayed, sorry.) ...( To be continued.)