The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1363
Chapter 1354 In the world, three silhouette fly high to stand, that black and white silhouette, is exactly the same as Mu Chen . Moreover, those who most make the innumerable powerhouses shock, Spiritual Energy fluctuation that on that two silhouette sends out , is not completely inferior in Mu Chen slightly. „Is that Spiritual Energy Avatar? How can be tyrannical with main body same?” Has powerhouse difficult believing lost one's voice to call out, Spiritual Energy Avatar did not calculate extremely strangely, but with main body equally tyrannical Spiritual Energy Avatar, never has actually listened. The distant place sky, Purple Cloud True Monarch face also suddenly coagulates in this time, good after long time, in his look just now has panic-stricken emergence, obviously same had discovered dangerous aura that black and white Mu Chen brings. How possible? Spiritual Energy Avatar of this fellow, unexpectedly strong to this degree?!” The Purple Cloud True Monarch innermost feelings roared, if so, how could it not be then does he want to face besieging of three strength same Mu Chen? Formerly only Mu Chen, was makes him be critical situation merely, now comes out three, even if were Purple Cloud True Monarch, the innermost feelings a little felt nervous. However, regarding startled of Purple Cloud True Monarch innermost feelings, Mu Chen is actually not slight paying attention, his sleeve robe wields, among the sleeves has innumerable Sovereign elixir to emerge, was inhaled within the body by him, rapid builds up, is supplementing own consumption. In he supplemented when own Spiritual Energy consumption, black and white Mu Chen is actually goes forward one step, in the hand golden big bow distant locking Purple Cloud True Monarch, loosening bowstring that then unemotionally. buzz! The sound that the bowstring vibrates resounds through, two golden light violently shoots, are carrying the terrifying sharp air/Qi, pierces void, the next rest, is the numerous bombardments above that thick purple light. Bang! The purple light vibrates, is tumbling fiercely, purple light layer upon layer unceasing dissipates under the golden light corrosion. But has not needed the purple light to return to normal, the attack of black and white Mu Chen next round approached once again, is two golden light numerous bang in the purple light, lets that matter level purple light, starts rapid weakening. In the world numerous powerhouses are looking at this, the look is becomes somewhat is complex, the present situation, obviously is Mu Chen thorough got the winning side, but reviews Purple Cloud True Monarch, is actually merely can only be forced to withdraw during the protection of Yu Zishen rosy cloud. But this protection, now is also by rapid weakening, is facing that three Mu Chen consumption in turn, the defense of purple god rosy cloud is strong, will have unable to insist. The present confrontation, all people saw clearly, their originally thinks that during to crush has not appeared, instead before that them, thinks that must defeat Mu Chen without doubt, is makes them shock fully. Mu Chen indicated to them with strength personally, strength that he has, is not weaker than northern territory these three Overlord, such being the case, Mu Palace that is led by him, has is becoming qualifications and strength of northern territory tyrant. Numerous influences look at each other in this time mutually, is the secret sighs, it seems like from now henceforth, the northern territory three tyrants, should will turn into four to dominate... Compared with complex of other influences, Mu Palace numerous powerhouses are cheer make noise, the look that cannot bear blazingly venerates is looking at Mu Chen silhouette, they are clear, in an influence able is having the so backbone powerhouse, that is the what kind luck.

Palace Master indeed is extraordinary.” Liu Tiandao is the look is also excited, saying that cannot bear. Other people are also the look frantic nods, at this moment, the status and prestige of Mu Chen in Mu Palace numerous powerhouse heart, has achieved the apex without doubt. Datura is looking at the excited people, on the small face is also has to wipe the smiling face to reveal, she is staring at Mu Chen silhouette, fine small face, is slightly a little complex color. In the past beginning when saw Mu Chen, the latter still also only just visited Sovereign Stage, however passed for several years, once the frail youth, unexpectedly is genuine exceeded her. It seems like I must try hard, otherwise, more will be flung by this fellow is farther.” Datura muttered. proud and arrogant she, does not want always to be during the protection of Mu Chen, after for being insufficient, more and more has not affected, that Heavenly Sovereign's Path, her also should tries strove for success. All influence thoughts in the world surge, in sky, with three Mu Chen getting rid in turn, that defensive power extremely formidable purple god rosy cloud, is gradually empty thin... Mu Chen is built on among black and white Mu Chen, he looks that empty is being thin sufficiently saw clearly to hide in Purple Cloud True Monarch silhouette, shows a faint smile, in only that smiling face, is actually full of the ice cold meaning. He lifts the palm, golden big bow condenses to come once again, the bowstring vibrates, is the golden flowing light pierced the void, numerous bang together in that flowing purple god rosy cloud on. Bang! This time, golden light puts greatly, was breaks through the purple light unexpectedly with irresistible force, golden light has wreaked havoc, the purple light that filled announced shattered immediately. ! Purple light shattered, Purple Cloud True Monarch distressed silhouette also but actually shoots, his mouth, the purple light suction nozzle that in that is dim, complexion gloomy incomparable is looking at Mu Chen. It seems like your this tortoiseshell you have not said is so fierce.” Mu Chen lightly smiled, careless [say / way]. If before, Mu Chen so spoke, feared that will cause everywhere taunt laughter, however at this time, in the world was actually a silence, the innumerable powerhouses kept silent. Because no one has thought that Purple Cloud True Monarch will be compelled so distressed one by Mu Chen unexpectedly... Especially formerly these followed orders to obstruct the Mu Palace influence, is more pallid in this time complexion, their originally thinks that Mu Palace met the step as in the past these footsteps of Challenger, therefore just now recklessly got rid to provoke, strength that but the present aspect, Mu Palace has, is above great strength that they imagined. In sky, Purple Cloud True Monarch complexion hidden in the shade, in purple pupil, is surging the color of violent anger, but, after knowing Mu Chen astonishing battle efficiency, he knew, depending on him, is the do nothing latter.

„The present words, Purple Cloud True Monarch thought that my Mu Palace can have the qualifications to strive for hegemony in the northern territory?” Mu Chen is staring at Purple Cloud True Monarch, shows a faint smile, sound gentle asking. Purple Cloud True Monarch sneered, said: Perhaps the northern territory of present, cannot allow fourth Overlord to appear!” Now the northern territory surpasses 80% areas, had been carved up by the present three parties Overlord influence, if presents fourth again, that definitely will cause the enormous turbulence, even links their present aspects, will be broken. That may indeed regret.” Shaking the head of Mu Chen somewhat regrets, at once its look suddenly becomes swift and fierce, the palm grasps, the golden big bow reappears, pull bowstring without hesitation. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Meanwhile, black and white Mu Chen also pulls open the big bow, the next flash, three golden light violently shoots, carry the sharp aura that unable was describing suddenly, has covered Purple Cloud True Monarch all retreat routes directly. Three swift and fierce incomparable [gold/metal] arrow violently shoots come, the Purple Cloud True Monarch look also changes, at once his takes a deep breath, in the purple pupil the purple light crazy condensation, changes into together the zhang (3.33 m) finally suddenly about purple light spraying. Bang! The purple light regrets with [gold/metal] Jianying together, immediately erupts the great sound, both annihilate in the same time. However, another two [gold/metal] arrows, actually in this short instant, appeared in the Purple Cloud True Monarch front, but, soon will hit a target in the [gold/metal] arrow latter's instance, suddenly, two vast Spiritual Energy beam dropped from the clouds, covered two [gold/metal] arrows. Ping! The wild strength erupts, [gold/metal] Jian simultaneously disrupts with that two vast Spiritual Energy beam. In world, has sound in an uproar continuously to get up once again, innumerable [say / way] line of sight fierce uphold, looked to thunder sound, the direction that Golden Eagle Emperor was, saw only this time these two Overlord, unemotionally looked distantly to Mu Chen. Obviously, formerly they got rid, helping Purple Cloud True Monarch break through. Finally got rid?” Mu Chen looked at this, the brow has also been selecting, looked at his appearance, obviously has not been surprised extremely. Because he is very clear, Mu Palace wants to advance into enters northern territory Overlord position, definitely will vacillate to this three parties established Overlord cake, they regard the northern territory such as their something for one's own exclusive use, but he attempts to get a share of the action now, definitely will cause their common being hostile. Palace Master Mu, since got the winning side, why again aggressive.” In upper air, thunder sound distant is looking at Mu Chen, [say / way] slowly.

Mu Chen hearing this, cannot help but said with a smile: Your two did to my formerly issue, how think?” thunder sound sigh, somewhat Sorrow Heaven pities the [say / way] of person: Achievement that Palace Master Mu, the northern territory present stability, our three parties influence maintains, if Mu Palace must dominate, feared that will raise the sanguinary rule in the northern territory.” Therefore our Hopefully, Palace Master Mu able will focus on outside the northern territory, if so, our three parties, will support.” Mu Chen hears this shameless word, actually cannot bear has smiled, after the moment, other source stops to smile, light [say / way]: If I am determined in the northern territory to strive for hegemony?” thunder sound and Golden Eagle Emperor, Purple Cloud True Monarch look at each other one, then sighed: If so, our three, then become the enemies of Mu Palace, till thoroughly destroys Mu Palace.” He sighed to shake the head, resembles does not endure, but that binocular deep place, was actually flowing the light of dreary cold , was filling dense killing intent, tyrannical of Mu Chen, has caused their wariness and killing intent. But he such remarks, northern territory in original, is causes the innumerable influences to vibrate, looks at the present appearance, these three Overlord influences, planned unexpectedly really temporary collaboration, destroyed Mu Palace this Challenger first... Words then, Mu Palace was really perhaps dangerous. although formerly Mu Chen showed the astonishing battle efficiency, even presses in Purple Cloud True Monarch leeward, but at present, once thunder sound and Golden Eagle Emperor get rid, perhaps will immediately rewrite the aspect. In the gaze of that innumerable [say / way] line of sight, Mu Chen is also looking at thunder sound three people that both eyes narrow the eyes, in the entire world, is silent, only has the rumor to howl. Continued the moment silent, Mu Chen shook the head finally, then he was looking at thunder clouds Venerable, Golden Eagle Emperor, Purple Cloud True Monarch, said in a soft voice: This...” That had a look at you to have this ability...” Although the sound is light, but is actually just likes the startling thunderclap between world, caused that the innumerable powerhouse hearts shock with amazement, this Mu Palace's Master, must plan by strength of oneself unexpectedly, contends with Three Great Overlord?! ... ...( To be continued.)