The Great Ruler - Volume 16 - Chapter 1562
Chapter 1551 Space in infinite pulled closer, here world, presents the chaos stance, void, the astral wind wreaks havoc, even if the Saint Level powerhouse, does not dare visit easily in this. In chaos, a space fluctuation. black light(Hei Guang) plunders together, finally changes into together the person's shadow, impressively is that Heavenly Fiend God. This time he, the whole face hidden in the shade, the look is sinister and ruthless, he is looking at void of chaos, here, is Great Thousand World end, proceeds again, will meet the world thin film, before counting ten thousand years, he is then leading Foreign Fiends, entered from here, arrived at Great Thousand World. only has not thought that after counting ten thousand years, he was actually forced to once again leave from here. Damn, Mu Chen, Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, my Heavenly Fiend God will not admit defeat easily, I will again also come back!” Heavenly Fiend God cold sound track. Bang! But on that flash that his sound just fell, space suddenly shattered before Heavenly Fiend God body, wipes the light to flow violently shoots, but. That wipes the light class to be common, but makes the Heavenly Fiend God complexion drastic change, because he felt that a destruction aura, has raided suddenly. Heavenly Fiend God roared, the billowing demon light congealed, changed into the millions and millions heavy defense before its instantaneously. Ping! However, that light class passed over gently and swiftly, all defenses instantaneously were destroyed, but time of rest, the light class then appears in Heavenly Fiend God at present, at this time he saw, that was radiant and clear ball of light. By the reflection of ball of light, his also able saw oneself that to present the panic-stricken color face. However, but also does not need he to have any response, that takes to him an absolutely terrified aura ball of light is suddenly attack, but, numerous shooting above his forehead that evil eyes. Puff! ball of light hits a target, moves the place without any heaven startling the abnormal noise, but has the black blood sputtering, because ball of light has destroyed that evil eyes directly, and deep crustification. Heavenly Fiend God body coagulated, face full is the color of difficult believing, he shivers the palm to feel forehead, the evil eyes disruption, that ball of light is disruption gradually, that gathered Great Thousand World innumerable life angry fighting intent, has crashed in his body. How possible...” Heavenly Fiend God muttered. In his front, the space surges, the person's shadow treads to empty together, is Mu Chen, his look cold is staring at Heavenly Fiend God, the lightly [say / way]: All living things, although is tiny, but may also extinguish you.” Heavenly Fiend God complexion fluctuates, black blood flows from his forehead blood hole, making him seem extremely fierce, he was feeling wreaking havoc in within the body destruction strength, at once sighs the one breath lightly, talked to oneself: indeed has not thought that my Heavenly Fiend God, will plant unexpectedly in this Great Thousand World...” He gains ground, even if no eye, but looks at Mu Chen as before, said: Your this Great Thousand World, destiny indeed is prosperous, how long perhaps could not want, in addition you, this Great Thousand World will have three protectors, but also indeed fierce...” This Great Thousand World, very not same.” The Mu Chen look is light, is staring at Heavenly Fiend God, said: Heavenly Fiend God, you count ten thousand years in my Great Thousand World wreaking havoc, starts two day plague tribulation, made my Great Thousand World life Tu Tan, today, should repay a debt.” Heavenly Fiend God smiles indifferently, said: Ants life, killed has killed, why must did I care? The today defeat in your hands, naturally should have this tribulation, but wants me to have a regret, has actually looked down on my Heavenly Fiend God.” Heavenly Fiend God, his mouth corner, as if also has revealed to wipe the meaning of regret in this time, twittering said: originally wants to seize this Great Thousand World, expands my Foreign Fiends.” Was a pity... A desire, finally becomes spatial.” When the Heavenly Fiend God sound falls, his body surface, has crack to reappear suddenly, then the rapid spread, fills the whole body. Bang! The next quarter, Heavenly Fiend God body explodes suddenly, boundless endless Demonic Qi, wreaks havoc. Mu Chen looks at Demonic Qi that rolling is filling, the intention moves, Spiritual Light from the crown, changes into an ancient tower to drop from the clouds together, that Demonic Qi all inspiration.

Bang! black pagoda descended, falls in chaos desolated on the continent, simultaneously has Spiritual Light glittering, has sealed off this continent, making people not perceptible. In that Vajra Pagoda suppresses, is Demonic Qi that the Heavenly Fiend God lifetime repairs, if to its proliferation, will pollute world Spiritual Energy, therefore can only its suppression, gradually the purification. However this time, Heavenly Fiend God, after all was thorough to die/to fall. Mu Chen is staring at Vajra Pagoda, for a long time, just now the sleeve robe wields, Spiritual Light fluctuates, here picture, projected Great Thousand World each corner, loud and clear sound, reverberation.Heavenly Fiend God has suffered extreme penalty, my Great Thousand World, the disaster tribulation has disappeared. „After hence, violates my Great Thousand , must execute it.” Bang! Great Thousand World, in that continent, burst into the deafening cheers in this time immediately, countless people knelt to bend down, in that extinguished under the prestige of world, they just liked the ants, only had can only by body to bear, but the day did not perish fortunately Great Thousand , in moment that bit tightly, after all has that peerless supreme talent, bravely stepped forward, sweeping demon disaster. Lord Mu!” Lord Mu!” Lord Mu!” In the world, the innumerable [say / way] cheers resound through, is caused unexpectedly the world is vibrating. Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the innumerable students also in raising the arm to shout, the throat hoarse is unable stops their enthusiasms, they look at that [say / way] great silhouette that void is refracting, in the eye full are frantic. This fellow... Does not know this life, can touch his footsteps.” Shen Cangsheng raise one's head, said after a sigh. So long as has not given up, after all has that Hopefully, diligently is.” Li Xuantong shows a faint smile, said. They look at each other one, has all smiled, the still still remembers, in the past when this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, at that time, even if they in Mu Chen, but that youth, how could also to have feared? Is chase step by step comes as before, and exceeds them, distant throwing in behind. Mu Palace. My this son, but also indeed is a little extraordinary.” Before Mu Feng is built on the main hall, smiling is looking at this, then to Tang Shan and other humanity, these was being he once in the Northern Spirit Realm old friend, before Great Thousand World was not peaceful, brought Mu Palace them, in order to safe. Tang Shan and the others looked at his complacent appearance, but shakes the head, your son now has become this Great Thousand World first person, do you also feel all right to run to show off with them? On Spirit Demon Continent. The Luo Li white hands put in the back, micro is supine charming face, is looking void. The space before her body surges, Mu Chen silhouette reappears. Oh, does the big hero come back?” Luo Li smiles one tenderly, [say / way] that teased. Mu Chen smiled, goes forward two steps, extends the arm, embraces girl that slender soft waist, said in a soft voice: Before also indeed a little feared that feared could not protect you.” Luo Li smiles gently, is the putting out a hand bracelet lives in the waist of Mu Chen, said in a low voice: Mu Chen... you do are very good, I also feel for you proud.” Moreover, present you, are the genuine unparalleled powerhouse.” In the past the commitment, you achieved.” Mu Chen lowers the head, is looking at that pure white non- flaw charming face, the [say / way] of smiling: That, when are we big marriage?” Luo Li charming face micro red, but in pupil of that clear, is reveals the anticipation of faint trace: Momentarily may.”

Mu Chen is looking at present the appearance of this remembering with eternal gratitude, saw in the past in that Spiritual Road, that chilly and dedicated young girl who first meets. Luo Li.” Um?” This lives you to accompany, is really good.” I.” ... The disaster tribulation ends, Great Thousand World returns peacefully. After Heavenly Fiend God suffers extreme penalty, Foreign Fiends retreats wantonly, but although was cut to kill much by the Great Thousand World army, but in Foreign Fiends also has some capable people obviously, finally unexpectedly by them with the aid of some Lower Planes is the channel, escaped from Great Thousand World. But these are stray curs, lost Heavenly Fiend God, they feared that is also the hard to bring about great talent. But after expel Foreign Fiends, the strength of Mu Chen revolution world, purified the region that Foreign Fiends once had seized, Demonic Qi all, lets Spiritual Energy between world, in several thousand years later, has covered this Great Thousand World other half region once again. But is so vast the endless region to be opened, naturally has initiated many conflicts of interests, all super influence, to fight for more regions and resources, started each other competition. However regarding these competitions, Mu Chen has not meddled again, because he knows, the battle will subside never, because this is the rule, if Great Thousand World linked a competition not to have, perhaps then this world, ultimately also will move toward the decline. ... After one year of recuperation, Great Thousand World, ruined all removing that the demon disaster brings, entire Great Thousand World, starts to burst out a more powerful vigor. But at this time, an unrivalled wedding, under the gazes of entire Great Thousand World innumerable life, in that Heavenly Luo Continent, in Mu Palace starts. Bows to heaven and earth.” Two Bai parents.” In that is filling in the Palace Master Mu palace of jubilation, the red lantern is burning, the pleasant sound, passes on the ten thousand li (0.5km). In the main hall, above the high place, Qing Yanjing, Mu Feng, Luo Tianshen and other both sides the elders sit quietly, being all smiles is looking below two worshipping on bended knees young silhouette. By that Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor as well as their two wife also present, other, is in Great Thousand World the cauldron cauldron famous character, this big marriage, obviously is the widely-noted, entire world, for it same to you. Husband and wife to doing obeisance!” In the sound of that high drinking, wears Mu Chen of dahongpao, looks is wearing the girl of phoenix coronet at present, they stoop gently, in that raise one's head instance, vision to bumping, corner of the mouth is gently one curved, one such as in the past in that Spiritual Road, youth and young girl, in that forests, one high one low, faces one another for the first time. ... Years may wrinkle, passes quietly. In an instant, is 27 years. In 27 years, Great Thousand World, is even more prosperous, many super influences emerge one after another incessantly, is caused that in Great Thousand World top powerhouse, gushes out unceasingly, excellent is diverse. However, how losing face of regardless of that in society person, who all knows, in this Great Thousand World, has that three people, no one may as before. Heavenly Luo Continent, Mu Palace headquarters. Above that lonesome and quiet Green Peak, Mu Chen sits lazy slantingly, under Green Peak, the Spiritual Energy rivers gallop, in end of that rivers, ancient stone door stands erect, is Ascends Dragon Gate. Before that Ascends Dragon Gate, many Mu Palace disciple attempt leaps, bring in the sounds of many calling out in alarm.

In Mu Chen lazy when looks at this, has together small silhouette suddenly staggering throws, then hit in his bosom. Father.” The immature sound conveys. Mu Chen hurries to put out a hand to hold in the arms the kid in bosom, on face full is the smiling face that favors to drown, that hits him to cherish, seems about two -year-old young girls, female Tongsheng the attractive, handsome, big eye is in sharp contrast extremely, clear thorough, the body wears the cyan short trousers hosiery, a Shangzha the sheep's-horn braids, the nimble and resourceful appearance, was almost adorable makes the heart of Mu Chen give to melt. This is the daughter who he and Luo Li has, in the past years name taking, Mu Yunxi. „, Does Little Yunxi, think father?” Mu Chen is hugging the young girl, the [say / way] of smiling. Thinks.” Little Yunxi immature saying, then that small hands then crawled to spirit melon spirit fruit on nearby stone table, in the sparkling eye, full was the saliva, obviously, in her eyes, oneself father apparently did not have these delicious fruits and melons more attractive. Young glutton.” Mu Chen sees that ridicules one that cannot bear. Then doesn't the little while see, what has to think?” Has the charmingly angry sound, transmits from rear area, sees only Luo Li to wear the black skirt, gradually walks, beautiful eyes somewhat helpless looked at one greasily this in the together father and daughter. Since Little Yunxi was born, sometimes Mu Chen to her love, looks at Luo Li to eat the taste. Mu Chen has smiled two, stretches out the palm, holds on the white hands of Luo Li, making her sit in the side, the family of three, appears the harmony happiness, the atmosphere is warm. Buzz! But in Mu Chen is enjoying this atmosphere, his both eyes narrow the eyes suddenly, because he feels that in the world, as if has an unusual fluctuation to spread. Rumbling! Shortly after Mu Chen has induced, entire Great Thousand World, is vibration suddenly, world Spiritual Energy tuck dive continuous. What's the matter?” Luo Li also realizes this grade of accident, immediately being startled sound track. Mu Chen stands up, his vision is looking void, as if penetrated the space, looked in the place of Spiritual Energy fluctuation transmitting, immediately showed a faint smile, said: On this day finally came.” When his sound falls, the entire Great Thousand World innumerable lives felt that raise one's head, then they are sight that shocks, hanging of mysterious say light barrier to drop from the clouds suddenly, impressively is that Sky Ranking! But at this time, in that remote Endless Fire Territory as well as Martial Realm, has two great silhouette to fly high to stand, makes the pen by the hand, raises millions and millions to say Spiritual Light, when Spiritual Light falls, on that Sky Ranking, two complete real names, congealing slowly present. Xiao Yan!” Lin Dong!” On Green Peak, Mu Chen puts down Little Yunxi in bosom, gained ground, has held holding the fist in the other hand to the direction that Endless Fire Territory and Martial Realm are , the clear and resonant voice as if penetrates the world. Congratulated two seniors, reached Sky Ranking!” In that remote place, Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor also smile, distant is holding the fist in the other hand to the Mu Chen nod. In Great Thousand World, resounds innumerable cheers, then numerous powerhouse eyes dew venerated and admired that they know, from today starts, Great Thousand World, will present two to the powerhouse. The innumerable lives, to the direction that three people of institutes are, does obeisance distantly. Great Thousand World, three people protect, the prosperous hundred million years, never will surely decline. ( grand finale.) ( The live transmission activity started, everybody has free time fights the fish search giant silkworm potato, tonight our King glorious revelry bureau! I also will issue meanwhile the new book the information.)