Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1389

Saint Province Continent, Blue Profound Sect. Blue Profound Sect of these date and time, appear especially lively, because of other present three big Saint Province Headmaster, is leads the numerous to rush to Blue Profound Sect, that a weaponry , indicating sufficiently will have the important ma

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10350

king Jingting the horse resulted in the merit the words, slightly smiled said: eunuch, this matter is actually simplest, I think the Blood Slaughter Sect person, should understand, they want domain of a piece like Heavy Sand lake, is not a simple matter, therefore we can drag, can stand firm them,

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10904

Extinguishes!! That revering, was extinguished by Xia Tian certainly like this kills. The surrounding person is also startled. Certainly revering. So delicate? How can like this?” Surrounding these people also all surprised looks at Xia Tian. Surrounding City Guard Army was just extinguished

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5536

Human Race in an uproar, Black Ink Clan is in a tumult, for a moment, the acrimonious atmosphere was even more rich. Wei Junyang passes message quietly, making the behind army prepare for starts war momentarily. Although previously discussed official business time, numerous 8-Rank was convinced b

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5537

Yu Rumeng turned head to look at Su Yan, happen to saw that she also looked toward own, had a look at others again, a both pupil overflows completely the hope. More than thousand years of sisters, do not need saying that during the look connection, Yu Rumeng apparent they are thinking anything. Y

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 47 Ch. 4600

Does Paternal grandmother, then lose face.” Zou cloud sends the complexion to be pale, very depressed saying. Four people look at each other one, on the face full are the forced smiles, besides depression, what are more is shocking, but they real Half Step star level expert, put in an appearance

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10349

king Jing look at Zhao Hai, slightly smiled said: Sect Master Zhao Hai straight talk from a straightforward person, then below also on impolite, came on behalf of horse eunuch below, horse eunuch is to have a look, has opportunity, is intimate with Blood Slaughter Sect, how does Sect Master Zhao H

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10903

Otherwise what?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the opposite party. Even if we do not act, here person will not let off your!!” Is that hot clansman of head said directly. Just he wanted to remind Xia Tian. Now since Xia Tian made them say. They are impolite. Good, it seems like here also ma

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4557

Saw that the poisonous imaginary toad easily corroded these spirit arrows unexpectedly poisonously, model/pattern Chang third child people are very shocked. However Cheng Yu does not feel the accident/surprise actually, because his poison to the poisonous imaginary toad has profound understanding.

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4903

Do you want to die exactly?” Chu Feng asked. To live, we want certainly to live.” Sir, you forgive us, we really knew wrong.” These people cry day to wipe the tears, begs for mercy, while kowtows to bow in salute, completely proud appearance that does not have the so-called talent. To live

Almighty Student Vol. 110 Ch. 10901

Thousand king Ling above cultivation method regarding Xia Tian useless. However this thousand king Lingliu, if will really bump into thousand king Sanxian words in the future, with this, is insufficient to hit. If he needs the opposite party by chance time, can take similarly, although is only on

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 47 Ch. 4599

Brother Jiang, you may really be too fierce, this how long? Sat the revelation knight to roll the Commander position, good ratio! Really good ratio!” Zou Yunfa face admiring saying, rises to blush, the happy expression is mellow. You look, Brother Jiang is chief Alchemist of our galaxy auction

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10346

That young court eunuch is smiling said: eunuch, we had not said that must cope with Blood Slaughter Sect, Blood Slaughter Sect now is also our people on one's own side, how we will cope with Blood Slaughter Sect, we not only do not cope with Blood Slaughter Sect, but must win over Blood Slaughter

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5535

Also toward leading the way, is really hard to withstand the Territory Lord pressure until these 5-Rank Open Heaven time, Yang Kai wields the hand suddenly, oneself power and influence fills the air. Instant time, that terrifying pressure then such as the snowflake under scorching sun, without a t

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4556

The appearance of poisonous imaginary toad made Cheng Yu they reverse the situation instantaneously, even constructed the master in this palace initially here, he does not think the trap mechanism/organization that oneself designed was decoded unexpectedly First did not say that fierce toxic gas C

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4152

Ke Qiutong this moment haughty, because does not need her to act now, Ke Yumeng and Shen Xiang will be finished. Offends pay Yuya, does not need her to act personally, is only pursues her numerous to lick the dog, can let Shen Xiang and Ke Yumeng cannot mix in the big women. pay Yuanyuan also rea

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4151

Pays the round arrival, lets that Li Martial Uncle great care, although he was called Martial Uncle, but his * discipline, is only Great Saint Realm middle stage, it can be said that aptitude is very bad. Otherwise, he also helps be sent to do this odd jobs. But the purple gold jade made the disc

Chaotic Sword God Vol. 29 Ch. 2814

Yes, Palace Master, our informs nine big temples!” The order of Palace Master does not dare to defy, Dou Wujin and Tarot two people have to receive an order to draw back, then by them, visits nine big temples personally again. Bing Yuan, the stocks of how much ancestor Saint earth does our fift

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10345

horse results in merit there to think, will really have like this good matter, Yue Zhuo truly is his under the hand/subordinate, is no more than in his under the hand/subordinate, not very made good use under the hand/subordinate, because this Yue Zhuo is Monster Race, the horse results in the meri

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4735

The battle on following round stage very intense. From the beginning some people came up to follow some people caught up immediately. Basically no one is can in a short time the coming to a stop footsteps. Surroundings these people will not give you opportunity. Therefore can stand for a long t

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1387

When Palace Master Sheng Yuan that incarnation radical dissipation goes, relaxing of the people in city wall just now feel relieved, recovers they to discover, he is sweat profusely. Even Chi Jing, Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen these people, are the face are dignified, in the look brings thick dr

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4734

Celestial pole mountain that is a continuous mountain range. Mountain range very interesting. from time to time has huge Void Shadow to reappear, uses the Divine Ability method. But remaining the matter that must handle conducts comprehend. This Void Shadow exist time is not long, such 35 time

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10344

Zhao Hai and Chen Xiwang returned to azure scale mountain defense line there, these have waited in the there in officer, immediately to start to formation to conduct transform, reason that he conducts transform to formation , because on immortal palace that Transmission Formation, is actually speci

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5534

If really so, he is also a big disaster, will not easily die. In the Blood Crow heart indulges in flights of fancy, Yang Kai has not managed him again, how the practice strengthen, is individual matter, he can remind one to show extreme tolerance, Blood Crow listens to advice also well, does not l

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10343

Wei Xiaode look at Zhao Hai, smiling said: you to look at understand very much, very good, has such mentality is right, here is Immortal Realm, is not Lower Realm, your ascend to Immortal Realm here, wanted to start from the beginning, only then balances the mentality, you can walk in Immortal Rea

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 47 Ch. 4598

Does well, for these years, can who stretch/open Tiance admits defeat, but few.” Left Samsara patted the Jiang Chen's shoulder, said with a smile, in the look, is meaningful. Commander left spoke discreetly, I do not dare to fight with Commander stretch/open. Hehe.” Jiang Chen said with a smil

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5533

Mysterious Nether Territory, with the unceasing reassignment of Human Race army, peaceful battlefield becomes was frightened by the slightest sound again. this time transfers, not only makes that side Black Ink Clan be somewhat caught off guard, Human Race, accidental/surprised. both sides think

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4555

Young Master, but then what to do? Outside this is completely the toxic gas, we cannot treat in this Magical Treasure!” In Immortals and Demons Pagoda, Feng elder was saying to Cheng Yu. Just saw that in the palace in all spirit lamps all gushed out a lot of dark green toxic gas, almost the leg f

World Defying Dan God Vol. 42 Ch. 4150

Ke Yumeng by Ke autumn Tong such cursed, but felt that put in great inconvenience, especially Shen Xiang also followed to be implicated, made her is sad. Older Brother Shen, she is receives certainly the house! After my dad is put in prison, this mountain village must be received.” Ke Yumeng sigh

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4902

That waste is best is not met by me, otherwise let alone is he, the father carried his family one nest.” A trivial Shengguang Clan waste, dares to provoke the father? He really does not know, oneself several jin (0.5 kg) several two, I must make him forever and ever, regret sends out the provoca

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 47 Ch. 4597

Are you speaking to me? You think that who you are? The words of your family mister, I can give him three points of face, what thing are you? Dares to order me? Courts death!” stretch/open Tiance shouted angrily, on the blue robe youth face the pea-sized beads of sweat fell, in front of expert of

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10342

Zhao Hai look at Chen Xiwang to the letter/believes that he sends, calm of face, turned the head later to Wen Wenhai and virgin horizontal said: happy prosperous letter, said that Wei Xiaode agreed we mined the ore, Refining Magical Artifact, Magical Artifact that Refining came out, gave child Hen

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4733

This Xiao Fei ship is not very big, stops like this in the Void deep place. Naturally probably such treasure is not cheap. Supposed, is better several thousand sides at least the prices. If were not this will not hide in Void. Even can also go through in Void. After Lin Fei Void flushed came .

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 48 Ch. 4732

ancient seals also to understand that immediately this world was the what type situation. Five Top Grade war-god Expert, in addition some ordinary war-gods, want to conform with this Great World in hundred years, that radically was the impossible matter. At least must spend 100-200 years, this is

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1386

When Shen Taiyuan that belt/bring some panic-stricken audio singings is resounding through in the city wall, here immediately the boisterous chaos, everyone is the chaotic retreat, the vision panic-stricken incomparable is looking at that form of that appear(ance) in upper air. Palace Master Sheng

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10341

自然 有 小 太监 从 陈 喜 旺 的 in hand, 把 两 封 信 给 接 了 过去, 然后 放到 了 魏 孝 德 的 桌子 上, 魏 孝 德 拿起 了 那 两 封 信 看 了 看, 然后 先 拿起 了 童 横 的 那 封 信, 打开 信 看 了 一 眼 信 上 的 内容, 然后 就 把 那 封 信 放到 了 一旁, 接着 就 把 Zhao Hai 的 信 拿 了 出来, 也 看 了 一 眼, 然后 也 放到 了 一旁, 随后 他 转头 look at 陈 喜 旺 said: " 喜 旺 啊, 你 觉得 该 如何 做? " Chen Xiwang immediately open

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5532

Is looking at his high-spirited appearance, numerous 8-Rank is also sobs is ashamed, what sobbing is the Human Race later generation grows such rapidly that although at present only then Yang Kai is the high-ranking, but has more young people to show the talent on battlefield everywhere. These blo

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 104 Ch. 10340

Boss, Old Chen there had information, the immortal emperor originally preparation give away eight defense areas, but heard did not agree that afterward, only agrees to give away seven defense areas, the eagle Panshan defense area, the immortal emperor said anything did not let.” Wen Wenhai said to

Martial Peak Vol. 56 Ch. 5531

roaming hunting, Yang Kai has listened more than once, this is some Human Race powerhouses because of this and that reason, has not joined the major regiments, or in threes and fours, either all alone, penetrates these by the big territory that Black Ink Clan occupies, one group of people who wait