Venerable Yuan - Volume 14 - Chapter 1397
Standing is fierce in this whole body at present, the scar appears the exceptionally ugly fearsome fatty, was that followed the Zhou Yuan same batch to enter Blue Profound Sect's Shen Wanjin impressively in the past.

Zhou Yuan clear remembering, in the past this young fatty very proud poses as his little brother, is handling many business for him. Who can think, ten do not see for several years, initially that also calculates the somewhat lovable young fatty, turned into at present so the appearance unexpectedly. Moreover, his Origin Qi, seemed like the most important thing is abandoned. On the feast table, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others were also peaceful. raised the head of Shen Wanjin air-blowing courage looked at Zhou Yuan one, somewhat awkward say/way: Originally wants to look at one secretly, does not want to disturb everyone aesthetic pleasure.” The Zhou Yuan vision stares at Shen Wanjin, the brow is wrinkling slightly, said: Why can covertly?” Shen Wanjin has not spoken, present Little Brother Yuan, is different, that is even all Saint Sect Headmaster must not dare light negligent influential figure, but present he, is a waste, how dares to build this beforehand relations again? Also, who can determine, these ten after several years, the opposite party still remembers that in the past that followed behind the buttocks, young fatty who flattered recklessly? Zhou Yuan is staring at Shen Wanjin, resembled pierces its innermost feelings to think, said slowly: In your Shen Wanjin heart, my Zhou Yuan is this person?” Shen Wanjin is slow speechless, the look is bitter and astringent. He?” Zhou Yuan looks to Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others, asked. Li Qingchan sighed one lightly, said: Also is because the Blue Profound Heaven's situation causes, a few years ago Shen Wanjin Junior Brother met mission with one team of same side, but encountered Saint Palace poisonous temple Hall Master slow Chan on the way of mission, this person of natural disposition is cruel, especially likes killing by mistreatment opponent, the person in that team, each one loathsome appearances are extremely miserable, Shen Wanjin Junior Brother kept the life actually by luck, but was also suffered the inadequate human appearance , its within the body meridians Divine Palace, was the most important thing is melted by the violent poisonousness directly, abandoned his foundation directly.” Finally is Headmaster acts personally, guaranteed his life, but regarding meridians Divine Palace of his within the body, was actually being hard recast, according to Headmaster said, wish made it remould, perhaps only had Saint to accomplish.” At that time wants to let the Shen Wanjin Junior Brother return hometown, but he actually does not hope, finally was the master chef in this Hundred Fragrance Building...”

On the liquor table the atmosphere was also depressed, in recent years, Blue Profound Heaven because of the Saint Seal fragment, the turmoil, the battle continuous, they waited for in the dangerous battle since then growth step by step, these years, they do not know when saw many once Senior and Junior Brothers to go out with a smile, came back, is an ice-cold corpse. All sorts of sorrow and joy, in these years do not know that performed many. Does not know when this must slaughter...” Chu Qing sighed, in the foreheads brings wearily some. Zhou Yuan grasps the wine glass, the liquor water is producing an inverted image a pupil of pair of ice cold, he tosses down the liquor water, said lightly: Will not be long, when must remove Saint Palace this malignant tumor, Blue Profound Heaven can return tranquilly.” People hearing this, the heart all shakes, Zhou Yuan these words, disclose many information. Can fight a decisive battle? But that Palace Master Sheng Yuan, has entered Half-Saint, who contends? Perhaps four Headmaster do not have this ability.” Li Qingchan willow eyebrows slightly pressed, is hesitating asking. Her voice fell, resembles remembered anything, then the somewhat shocking vision will go to Zhou Yuan with the people together. Sheng Yuan will cope with by me.” Zhou Yuan nods. The people lose one's voice immediately, suddenly some do not know say a word, present does Zhou Yuan, actually have to contend with the Half-Saint strength? The Zhou Yuan vision shifts to Shen Wanjin, stretches out the palm to hold his wrist/skill, Divine Soul One Revolution, then surveys its within the body situation clearly. In his survey, the meridians and Divine Palace of Shen Wanjin within the body, indeed were melted cleanly, that violent poisonousness, is above overbearing of imagination obviously. In recent years, Shen Wanjin then almost turned into a disabled person who does not have Origin Qi, in this Hundred Fragrance Building, is being the master chef. What kind of pain the conceivable his these years cross, after all after the strength that is used to themselves to have sudden eliminate it, that is biggest suffering. This is similar to common custom Wang Chaozhong, these once nobility will reduce to the common people common, seemingly kept the life, but actually eliminates the status that they had, the right, this will make these be felt the extreme pain by demotion in the remaining years of life.

In the Zhou Yuan's memory, past Shen Wanjin was on a time face is hanging the smile young fatty, however present he, dispirited almost buries him with a despair. After losing Origin Qi, he seals up the mind, in the past these once good friend, broke the communication gradually, after all this contrast, was really big. Zhou Yuan at this moment, remembered once Eight Veins that years that suddenly is difficult to open, from some perspective, somewhat is actually similar to Shen Wanjin, once he has Saint Dragon Destiny, finally was eliminated, Eight Veins is difficult to open, is unable to step into the road of cultivation, but Shen Wanjin has Origin Qi, but actually because of an accident, became the disabled person... Zhou Yuan loosened the palm slowly, looked at one including Shen Wanjin, is all looking at his people with a hope look, said: Headmaster said right, wants to remould its within the body Divine Palace, only has Saint to accomplish.” The look of people was dim immediately. Shen Wanjin pulled the corners of the mouth difficultly, said with a smile: All right, was also used to it in any case.” The entire Blue Profound Heaven strongest person, is Sheng Yuan, but even he, still merely is only Half-Saint,... that was extremely remote regarding the people as for Saint, that originally like Spiritual God character. Temporarily no method.” Zhou Yuan shakes the head, said: Only if you wait for some time again, when my promote entered Saint Realm to remould for you personally, if could not wait, at the appointed time waited I to remove Sheng Yuan, asked your Sister Xiaoyao to help make a move, no difficulty.” Shen Wanjin fierce raise one's head, some look delay is looking at Zhou Yuan, the information that the latter these words, disclosed was really somewhat many, what most made him excited was, Zhou Yuan is helping him. Good after long time, he just tremblingly said: Little Brother Yuan... are you willing to help me?” Zhou Yuan stood up, truncated Shen Wanjin scalp, ill-humoredly said: Big point matter, does like mad, relax, to you that Little Brother Yuan, Sister Xiaoyao, we will not manage in the past.” Shen Wanjin weeps, his how didn't expect, will want to come unexpectedly such quickly. Little Brother Yuan in this past mouth, even if becomes pressure Blue Profound Heaven's influential figure now, but also is actually willing to help his once follow as in the buttocks following unimportant person.

Little Brother Yuan, I go to make a dish to you again.” Shen Wanjin applies to wipe the tears, is excited is hard to extricate oneself, saying of his stutter, then turned around to run. Zhou Yuan has not stopped actually, he understands the simple help that his seems like regarding Shen Wanjin is what kind of importance, that sufficiently him drawing from desperate abyss. His Eight Veins was difficult to open when like the past years, the Cang Yuan teacher started the hope to be the same for him. His vision shifts to Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others, the look became with deep veneration, because of Shen Wanjin situation, sufficiently actually felt these year of Blue Profound Heaven is what kind of confusion. Li Qingchan said in a soft voice: Zhou Yuan, will you end Blue Profound Heaven's to be chaotic?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile pale: What otherwise do I come back to make?” He holds up the wine glass, looks to the people, said: Makes the best use of this final relaxation time, the quick war must approach, when the time comes no one can escape.” This war, we can only win, otherwise, entire Blue Profound Heaven, will be destroyed in a moment, has no chance again.” Saint Palace this action, the back has Saint Race's to promote inevitably, actually although Zhou Yuan not too clear Saint Race wants to make anything, then but regarding Blue Profound Heaven, absolutely is not a good news. Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng, Ye Ge heart one cold, at once all holds up the wine glass, bumped in one, the look decidedly. For, Blue Profound Heaven.”