World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4166
rune/symbol mark the difficulty is far less than alchemy, rune/symbol Wenshi has much, for example pays the round this type to become young rune/symbol Wenshi is not rare.

But young Alchemist was rare, in brief pays round and Ke Yumeng has not seen. Older Brother Shen, you through inspection?” Ke Yumeng goes forward hastily, low voice asking. Actually nearby this also no one, only then fights the provincial-level examination field that side is very lively, but Ke Yumeng worried others know Shen Xiang participates in the alchemy inspection, will cause a big sound. Naturally passed!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „After , I have the time, will refine some pill to you.” Right? That was good!” Ke Yumeng certainly believes Shen Xiang's. But pays round actually some unable to believe! When she helped the Shen Xiang registration before, does not know unable to adopt the inspection, the purple gold jade makes to be taken back. Afterward knew, she also has the cool feeling. In her present surface looks quite calm, but was actually worried very much, she has even been ready that gives up the purple gold jade making. Young Master Shen...... you really through these two inspections?” pay Yuya looked at all around, said: If you cannot pass, my purple gold jade command will be taken back!” „!” Shen Xiang throws the purple gold jade command pays roundly, said with a smile: Round, this time also really thank you recommends, you later need to help, although said that's it!” Young Master Shen, you are really fierce!” pay Yuanyuan gawked some little time, very happy emotionally said. Walks, we went back to say again!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. He planned that refines some pill to pay roundly, as thanks.

For example that Holy Power Yuan pill is very commonly used pill, so long as there is herbs, regarding Shen Xiang, alchemy looks like drinks water equally simply. Let alone he very bold ideas, are build one type to be able now alchemy pill furnace. At present World Defying divine furnace was unable to achieve, because this pill furnace is extremely special, Shen Xiang is unable to transform. If with other pill furnace, Shen Xiang can achieve, but can only refine very simple Saint pill. This process also needs to use rune/symbol mark, in particular, Shen Xiang now also in idea. If became, later when refines simple Saint pill, puts in herbs pill furnace directly, pill furnace can concentrate pill. His idea, only for refining common Saint pill, regarding these complex, is very at present difficult to achieve, because that process needs his powerful soul, conducts very complex slight control. ...... In Shen Xiang they return to return dragon near the inn on the way, That side pay Yuya also sends people to inquire the news. In a courtyard, pay Yuya stands under a big tree, is turning away from a youth. Big Senior Sister, according to me goes to Saint pill Institute and rune/symbol Wenyuan inquired the news that currently does not have the new disciple to join. That brat surnamed Shen, has left the examination place, he goes out of the examination place very much ahead of time.” A thin and small youth, bends at the waist to report the news to pay Yuya, he wants to look at pay Yuya one eyes, but pay Yuya is actually turning away from him. Ahead of time leaves the examination place, this is natural! Can he possibly rune/symbol Wenhe alchemy? The overestimate one's capabilities fellow, pays round that slut, before did not know the new regulation, otherwise stupid to not recommending him will register these two inspections.” This little slut, lost the purple gold jade command, how looks at her also before me rampant!” pay Yuya said with a sneer.

Big Senior Sister...... her purple gold jade command does not seem to be taken back! In the dragon near the person of inn entrance, sees she comes back, the waist is hanging the purple gold jade command!” That youth also said. This is impossible! Shen Xiang cannot adopt the inspection, the purple gold jade makes to be taken away!” pay Yuya frowned, as if thinks where is not right: What's all this about? Properly speaking, he cannot adopt an inspection, should be taken back the purple gold jade command, will not conduct the next inspection!” Good, Shen Xiang he went to two examination places, conducted rune/symbol mark to inspect and alchemy inspection respectively! This could not convince Ah! that youth also to find it very strange, he came out from the symbol mark examination place, went to the alchemy inspection immediately......” How long in the symbol mark examination place did he stay?” pay Yuya asked. Less than a double-hour! In the alchemy examination place for a long time, more than a double-hour this!” That youth also said. Definitely is rune/symbol Wenyuan harbors to pay roundly! This destruction sect rule!” pay Yuya is clenching teeth, coldly snorted: „It is not good, I must look for Dean, making him take back pays the round purple gold jade command.” Paying roundly is rune/symbol Wenyuan, then and is young. rune/symbol Wenyuan by the temperament that crowd of old fellow hide shortcomings, definitely turns a blind eye!” The youth nod saying: Big Senior Sister, must ask Dean to come out to uphold the justice, cannot break the rule!” First did not invite Dean, I will go to rune/symbol Wenyuan tomorrow! I go to one personally noisily noisy, looked how they end!” pay Yuya said with a sneer: Tonight convenes all purple gold jade to make the disciple, making them go to rune/symbol Wenyuan to gather early tomorrow morning!” Yes!” The youth said, leaves immediately. ...... Shen Xiang returned to the dragon near the inn most top layer most luxurious dwelling, he sits in that spacious open balcony, can see the most lively big women downtown. He is to eat at this time. Pays roundly eats, while is thinking the concern, she has doubts very much, why hasn't Shen Xiang attained rune/symbol Wenyuan and disciple token of Saint pill Institute immediately? Shen Xiang adopted the inspection, but does not have the disciple token of big women now, this is very strange.

Naturally, pays roundly does not know that becomes the purple gold jade to make the disciple directly, needs to wait for on a period of time. Shen Xiang in the original master of vigilant Saint Soul puppet, but still has no sound, may be the original master be injured seriously, has not restored very much for a short time. At night, Shen Xiang received Wang Tianming's pass on message. Big brother, when do you come rune/symbol Wenyuan? Your purple gold jade made me complete! I deliver tonight to you!” Wang Tianming said with a smile: Actually, I also want to take a look at the dragon near the inn top level, heard that there scenery is especially good!” Does not use, I took early tomorrow morning in the past! Old Wang, you are solemn rune/symbol Wenyuan Dean, you come to be not quite good personally!” Shen Xiang said: Right, I will go to rune/symbol Wenyuan tomorrow, is certainly low-key, knows? At the appointed time shouting of other big brother big brother!” Knows!” Wang Tianming haha said with a smile: Your if wanted considered again does make a long stay rune/symbol Wenyuan? I give you to prepare many attractive Senior Sister Junior Sister......” Urging to go faster......” Shen Xiang is very speechless, then separated the communication. Wang Tianming also wants to ask that Shen Xiang does not have through the alchemy inspection, but Shen Xiang separated, how he shouted that Shen Xiang does not return. Pays round and Ke Yumeng, but also is eating Sacred Fruit in the hall, every day will send fixedly, does not eat owes. Round, I must go to rune/symbol Wenyuan tomorrow morning, you know how to go?” Shen Xiang asked: Tomorrow morning leads me to pass, I must receive the disciple token!” Good!” Pays roundly also anticipated that very much Shen Xiang joins rune/symbol Wenyuan, after Shen Xiang attains the disciple token, even her Junior Brother.