World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4167
Dragon near the top layer of inn, at night very peaceful, here has barrier, outside can isolate the sound that makes noise.

This, enough dozens move in personally, but only Shen Xiang, pays round and Ke Yumeng, therefore appears especially lonely. Naturally, specters Divine Soul is also batting around, but he is not considered as a person, moreover pays round and Ke Yumeng cannot see him. Shen Xiang has not returned to the room, he is eating Sacred Fruit, although he had eaten to younger sister Xiao Jing, but here Sacred Fruit are still many. Ke Yumeng and pays roundly, has returned to room/house Xiuxi. Night time, the fat storekeeper relates Shen Xiang with communication symbol. Young Master Shen, I collect about your some news, I thought that you have necessity listening! Moreover this is also our dragon the service that provides near the inn!” The fat storekeeper passed on a message. Oh? you come up, said face to face with me!” Shen Xiang said. Quick, fat storekeeper in out of the door. Shen Xiang opens the door to make him come. Young Master Shen, were you participate in rune/symbol mark to inspect and alchemy inspection today?” The fat storekeeper asked. How was Ah!?” Shen Xiang asked. He participates in these two inspections, originally is not the secret, because every time a disciple who participates in the inspection, will announce. A Shen Xiang person participates in two inspections, thinks that does not make one know difficultly! You have not passed, is?” The fat storekeeper also asked that he really thinks Shen Xiang could not pass. Who said?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Ah? did you pass?” The fat storekeeper is very surprised. That natural!” Shen Xiang hey happily said with a smile: First comes to sit!”

After the fat storekeeper walks, said: News that according to outside passes on, you are very short in the time that two examination places stay. That time, is insufficient through the inspection!” But I passed, I must go to rune/symbol Wenyuan to receive the disciple token tomorrow morning!” Shen Xiang throws to fat storekeeper shining Sacred Fruit. Ah? did you really pass? How are you in such a short time through the inspection?” The fat storekeeper is very shocked. He in the big women, inspected to the big women disciple for a long time quite understands. rune/symbol Wenyuan and Saint pill Institute rarely has the young disciple to join, especially Saint pill Institute, many years did not have the new young disciple. My talent is good!” Shen Xiang has not said anything. If he said that oneself is big brother of rune/symbol Wenyuan Dean and elders, perhaps the fat storekeeper will not believe. Good! I just received a message, tomorrow morning, pay Yuya must assemble a large quantities of purple gold jade to make the disciple, goes to rune/symbol Wenyuan to crusade against rune/symbol Wenyuan king Dean!” The fat storekeeper said. Why crusades against king Dean? King Dean she how?” Shen Xiang is startled, he believes immediately, the king astronomy is possibly helping him vent anger anything, then teaches pay Yuya. pay Yuya thinks that you not through inspection, rune/symbol Wenyuan should take away pays the round purple gold jade command, but rune/symbol Wenyuan actually confiscates, destroyed the sect rule.” The fat storekeeper said. Why doesn't she go to Saint pill Institute?” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles, knows the long and short of the story, he was not worried. She does not dare to go to Saint pill Institute!” The fat storekeeper said with a smile: Do not look that pay Yuya is so crazy, but she awes to Saint pill Institute very much!” I through inspecting, me will receive the disciple token tomorrow morning!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: pay Yuya this woman, thought oneself infallible, tomorrow looked how she ends!” That did not disturb Young Master Shen to rest!” The fat storekeeper said. Right, helped the matter that I looked for the female bodyguard, how to manage?” Shen Xiang asked. Is managing, a little progress!” The fat storekeeper said with a smile: Young Master Shen, awaits calmly the good news then!” Good!” Shen Xiang nods.

After the fat storekeeper leaves, Shen Xiang relates the king astronomy immediately. Old Wang, pay Yuya must go to rune/symbol Wenyuan to cause trouble tomorrow, did you learn of the news?” Shen Xiang asked. I know certainly!” The king astronomy haha said with a smile: That little girl will come tomorrow although, looked how I tidy up her!” Why didn't you tell me earlier?” Shen Xiang is somewhat discontented. „A trivial matter, did not alarm the big brother you! Relax, I will process tomorrow!” king Tianwen said: Big brother, you must come Ah! tomorrow Knew!” Shen Xiang always thought that matter where is not right, but also cannot say. ...... Day not bright, Shen Xiang awakens round and Ke Yumeng. They do not stop payment the matter that jade must cause havoc rune/symbol Wenyuan, after they wake up, Shen Xiang told them immediately. This pay Yuya, was really deliberately created trouble, to eliminate my purple gold jade command?” pay Yuanyuan listens, very life Qi/angry. We on the past, look how now she ends!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Pays round and Ke Yumeng, washed fast, then goes to rune/symbol Wenyuan. The fat storekeeper knew that Shen Xiang leaves the dragon near the inn, sends people to inquire the news in secret, he must ravel Shen Xiang really through the inspection. South rune/symbol Wenyuan on a big women short summit, is small villa, is not big, but actually in a very high position. The Shen Xiang itself/Ben thinks that the day bright has not hurried, has not thought that here had come many people! The purple gold jade that pay Yuya convenes made the disciple, does not dare to compare pay Yuya to come late, they must before pay Yuya arrived, arrived in rune/symbol Wenyuan, this might be remembered by pay Yuya. The disciple who the purple gold jade made only had more than 100, regarding the big women, did not calculate too, male had more than 70, female disciple only had more than 30.

In the purple gold jade made in the disciple, pay Yuya and paid the round appearance to be truly outstanding. They saw that Shen Xiang and pays arrives roundly, has not given them the good complexion to look. But pay Yuya the purple gold jade made Chief Disciple, was the head of this group of disciples, was most has the background outstandingly. They naturally stand that side pay Yuya. pay Yuya seemed to have come, but hidden, she knew that Shen Xiang and pays roundly also has Ke Yumeng to arrive, immediately comes out. rune/symbol Wenyuan is a mountain village, constructs on the summit, but still has a very big courtyard. More than 100 purple gold jade made the disciple, stood by the courtyard. Welcomed big Senior Sister!” An numerous purple gold jade made the disciple, neat kneeing down, loud voice shouted shouted. But rune/symbol Wenyuan person, several hundred, mostly are the middle age and old man, cannot see the young people. rune/symbol Wenyuan the disciples are very uncomfortable, because the purple gold jade made the disciple too rampant! king Tianwen knows Shen Xiang to arrive, makes an appearance immediately. King Dean, why don't you take back pay the round purple gold jade command?” pay Yuya sees king Tianwen to appear, immediately shouted. Why can I take back?” King astronomy said with a sneer: little girl, my good and bad is your elder, you saw me, didn't greet?” Pays recommends Shen Xiang to participate in rune/symbol Wenyuan to inspect roundly, Shen Xiang has not passed, you should take away pay the round purple gold jade command!” pay Yuya coldly looks to paying roundly, said: You look at her waist, is still hanging the purple gold jade command!” Who said Shen Xiang to you not through the inspection?” The king astronomy haha said with a smile: He not only passed, but also rune/symbol Wenyuan the purple gold jade made the disciple, you came happen, to witness my rune/symbol Wenyuan by chance, was born the first place to obtain the disciple who the purple gold jade made directly!”