World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4168
The king astronomy such remarks, is the disciple on the scene is not only attacked enormously, rune/symbol Wenyuan other disciples, feel shocking, unbelievable!

rune/symbol Wenyuan so many middle and old age disciples, they boiled were very long, but is unable to become the purple gold jade to make the disciple. Is deep on the assistant company commander round this background, same cannot mix the purple gold jade command. But this black spot face youngster, but crosses the threshold the inspection, obtains the purple gold jade command directly, this simply is unthinkable! pay Yuya gawked some little time, shouted: Is impossible! King Dean, do not overissue the purple gold jade command! Why does this fellow become rune/symbol Wenyuan the purple gold jade to make the disciple? Do other rune/symbol Wenyuan disciples agree?” rune/symbol Wenyuan many years does not have the purple gold jade to make the disciple, you issued directly just basic little rascal. Do other disciples who this lets rune/symbol Wenyuan how think? They will be fearful!” A man, echoes. The king astronomy swept other rune/symbol Wenyuan disciples in institute, then coldly say/way: „Do you welcome this new disciple? Do you approve me to give him the purple gold jade command?” rune/symbol Wenyuan has several hundred disciples, they knew Shen Xiang is the purple gold jade made the disciple the time , was very shocking, but has not revealed the discontented color. Because of them in rune/symbol Wenyuan so many years, understood that what kind of person very much their Dean are. rune/symbol Wenyuan Dean and elder, very arrogant, they will not issue the purple gold jade command casually. Because many big women these Old Ancestor families' elders, come to ask favor repeatedly, to beg together purple gold jade command, but has not succeeded. Welcomed chief Eldest Senior Brother!” A middle age, shouted loudly one suddenly. Pays a visit chief Eldest Senior Brother!” Other rune/symbol Wenyuan disciples , the neat single knee kneels down. Moreover they shouted specially resoundingly, in addition was several hundred people, when that momentum, arrive compared with pay Yuya shocked! Shen Xiang was also startled, has not thought that this rune/symbol Wenyuan was trained that well by king Tianwen, this group of people simply are the perfect tool people.

Pays to be startled unable to speak roundly, she is knows that the Shen Xiang symbol mark proficiency is very wise, otherwise cannot direct Kun sensitive this Old Ancestor. However she has not actually thought that Shen Xiang can become rune/symbol Wenyuan the purple gold jade to make the disciple directly. rune/symbol Wenyuan has the disciple who the purple gold jade made now, was the elder ranks, or was the teacher rank, they are not considered as that the disciple level. Therefore, Shen Xiang now in rune/symbol Wenyuan, that even Chief Disciple, because in disciple, only then Shen Xiang has the purple gold jade command! Shen Xiang is considering, how oneself must respond to worshipping on bended knees of rune/symbol Wenyuan these disciples. If oneself were too polite, does not have rune/symbol mark master that type proper arrogant. If extremely arrogant, what this and pay Yuya also does have to distinguish? Everyone please get up, my Shen Xiang does not like this courtesy...... our rune/symbol Wenshi, was not fastidious about the generation of this over-detailed formalities. Also only then certain mouth sharp thick-skinned abdomen hollow petty people, always like doing this set.” Shen Xiang also can only talk irresponsibly at will several, then taunted pay Yuya secretly. rune/symbol Wenyuan the disciples also set out in abundance, they are satisfied with this chief Eldest Senior Brother, is at least polite to them, has expert Arrogant Potential. I refuse to accept!” pay Yuya angrily said: King Dean, you too did not give your power to be serious the big women! I must ask Dean to come, asks for an explanation to you!” pay Yuya, you have to plant to go to Saint pill Institute to cause trouble! Shen Xiang also adopted the inspection of Saint pill Institute, is the disciple in Saint pill Institute. alchemy may be more difficult than the magic figure mark, you refuse to accept to look for Saint pill Institute!” King astronomy said with a sneer: You looked that you have not planted Saint pill Institute to be noisy!” The people are the whole body shake! Became rune/symbol Wenyuan the purple gold jade to make the disciple also even, unexpectedly the disciple in Saint pill Institute!

Naturally, the king astronomy, does not know that Shen Xiang is the purple gold jade of Saint pill Institute makes the disciple, that purple gold jade made the component, but be heavier than rune/symbol Wenyuan. pay Yuya only feels own world outlook avalanche! This black spot face does youngster, really have such talent unexpectedly? She remembers suddenly, Shen Xiang took the token to look for Kun ancestor Grandma before together, but was expelled by her. She starts to suspect, Shen Xiang may be the person who that place comes, otherwise is impossible to have this talent. I do not believe! Some this people are definitely harboring in secret, this destroyed fair of big women, I must ask Dean to investigate thoroughly.” pay Yuya still does not think Shen Xiang to be able simultaneously the inspections through two yards. Because of the young disciple status in these two yards, a purple gold jade command, that position be chief this war institute purple gold. King Dean, the Saint pill Institute that side anything situation we do not do! After all they have not given the purple gold jade command. You give the Shen Xiang purple gold jade command, you must make everyone be sincerely convinced.” A youth who follows pay Yuya to come, does not believe, loud voice is shouting. Which scallion does your type of fart thing calculate? You make me show that I must show to you looked Ah? said again, my rune/symbol Wenyuan disciple approved that's alright, why to want your fart thing approval? Do you understand rune/symbol mark? Does not understand, gives father to shut up!” King astronomy shouted. Good, you fight institute group of chicken sons, without symbol mark magic treasure that our rune/symbol Wenyuan provides, why you also mix Ah? to come here to shout...... on your attitudes, next time you will receive symbol mark magic treasure time, on patience wait/etc!” Right, embezzles their symbol mark magic treasure several months, looked how they also jump to stumble!” One crowd of nonsense things, dares to ride in our heads shouts? How do they dare?” This fart same thing, is one crowd of parasites, except for is rampant all day, anything cannot.” Doesn't understand rune/symbol mark on the low key, questions the approval of our Dean modestly unexpectedly? Do you match?” rune/symbol Wenyuan the disciple could not sit still, counterattacks, starts to fighting the purple gold jade command of institute taunts.

pay Yuya was somewhat startled, because she discovered that she truly angered rune/symbol Wenyuan! What's the matter? Noisy, your rune/symbol Wenyuan and can the war institute hit?” Suddenly has sound together to transmit from the distant place. Hears this sound, pay Yuya looks the happy expression, shouted: Dean came!” Good! Dean will certainly reveal rune/symbol Wenyuan the gloom! When the time comes looked how you end!” Fights the disciple in institute, said with a sneer: rune/symbol Wenyuan the idiots, you can ravel quickly, what idiot your Dean received!” Courting death?” rune/symbol Wenyuan old man is angry, the direct symbol loses, the war institute disciple who will speak a moment ago blows off. Shen Xiang looked at that old man, on the same day participated to inspect his elder, is his old little brother. „Do you dare fight? You were finished!” pay Yuya is also very angry, this rune/symbol Wenyuan was too rampant, but she does not dare to counter-attack, because this is rune/symbol Wenyuan the domain. Shen Xiang secret heart startled, never expected that rune/symbol Wenyuan the person that just, Dean must come, unexpectedly did not fear, opens directly does.