World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4169
Shen Xiang is experiences to rune/symbol Wenyuan the fearful place now, really completely not fighting the institute pays attention.

rune/symbol Wenyuan elders, suddenly to war institute junior fight, the elders of this surely venting anger entire war institute. However, rune/symbol Wenyuan actually did not fear that elder wounds that young people after the Saint symbol, but also taunted. The purple gold jade that pay Yuya this crowd fights the institute made the disciple, is cursing angrily again and again, however retreat arrived at the courtyard, the person who must be far away from rune/symbol Wenyuan, worried that they will continue to act. Pays round and Ke Yumeng, but has not seen this type of weaponry, was worried very much can hit, can only be close to Shen Xiang, seeks the security sense. rune/symbol Wenyuan, you were really lawless, dared to our fight!” pay Yuya really got angry, may have no alternative, they are can be victorious rune/symbol Wenyuan. But here rune/symbol Wenyuan the domain, rune/symbol Wenyuan opens various killing formation anything, can roll to extinguish them with ease. Big Kun Dean also rushes promptly, is position very high old man, a white long hair puts on the waist, a pair of long white eyebrow dangles, the look under long eyebrow is very profound. Understood at a glance, this greatly Kun Dean is the soul extremely strong person, as for is what cultivation base, at present also no one knows. Those who made Shen Xiang surprised was, this Kun Dean, the strength was possibly close to Kun greatly is sensitive! Kun sensitive this Old Ancestor is very old. Big Kun Dean before her is only a junior, but cultivation base can actually be close to her, the showing talent is very good. Naturally, in Saint Territory, the strongest strength, mainly manifests in the soul! Shen Xiang is unable to judge that their souls strong, only knows in Saint Territory, is very high level. Moreover probably Kun Dean this cultivation base person, they deliberately will also hide the soul greatly the intensity, this can reduce the pressure, otherwise, the young people here may be unable to withstand his soul the pressure.

Pays a visit Dean!” Fights the disciple in institute, the single knee kneels down. But rune/symbol Wenyuan person, is bowing to Kun Dean greatly slightly, has not kneed down. Big Kun Dean waves, lets fight the disciples in institute to get up. I said Old Wang, is some little rascal!” Big Kun Dean looks to the king astronomy, shakes the head says with a smile: You were really acted unreasonably, apologized to others quickly!” I said!” king Tianwen very uncomfortable say/way: This group of young bastards have no regard for elders and superiors, coming my rune/symbol Wenyuan to stir up trouble, moreover made impertinent remarks to my rune/symbol Wenyuan disciple, I have not hung to hit them, is restrains very much!” The king astronomy not to have looked to the Dean good complexion, obviously rune/symbol Wenshi is the position, in the big women is quite important. jade is elegant, this what's the matter?” Big Kun Dean at the back of both hands, has not looked at pay Yuya, the tone is also quite severe. Too the grand-uncle......” pay Yuya just said three characters, was broken by Kun Dean greatly. Shouted me Dean!” The big Kun Dean brow wrinkled the wrinkle. Yes, Dean!” pay Yuya nips the lip, then starts to mention account. After listening, big Kun Dean is also interested to look at Shen Xiang very much, because rune/symbol Wenyuan gives a new disciple purple gold jade command directly, this was too strange. old pay, rune/symbol Wenyuan since establishment, has been Dean decides right? Even you, still have no right to interfere, this is the custom of big women!” king Tianwen said. Is such good!” Big Kun Dean nods. Shen Xiang was understands now, pay Yuya the ancestor, actually was Dean of big women.

Then, Fu in the big women, is a very big influence. That that's it, you have no right to interfere! Does the courage where this young fart girl comes come to here to be all right to pick a quarrel?” king Tianwen is very also angry, then mentioned pay Yuya to come here attitude incessantly. Dean, Shen Xiang this person of unknown origin...... I worried, he is various Tiandian or no Heavenly God palace places.” pay Yuya answered hastily, because she could see greatly Kun Dean a little life Qi/angry. He not of unknown origin, is Ke Yuanfei takes into the big women! old pay, you do not know that Ke Yuanfei does nurse a grievance to be put in prison? His ex-wife penalty elder, does not know the evidence where comes, made him.!” king Tianwen said. „...... I have been investigating about this matter!” Big Kun Dean nods saying: Since is old said that that surely does not have the issue.” Ke Yumeng the innermost feelings like, because big Kun Dean had paid attention to this matter, explained that side Kun sensitive Grandma entrusted. That not that's alright? This little girl makes this, big power and prestige Ah! I also think that is you make her come my to do the matter!” king Tianwenyue said more air/Qi, is blowing beard angrily said. No matter! I will certainly punish their! Also, you also fight, did the air/Qi also disappear a moment ago? That averaged!” Big Kun Dean said with a smile. Pulls your egg! Makes them apologize to us quickly, otherwise they do not want to go out of rune/symbol Wenyuan completely!” king Tianwen said, puts out a disc, shouted: old pay, I open rune/symbol Wenyuan universe Fire Lightning killing formation, how long even if you cannot shoulder!” Sees king astronomy stance, knows that he is earnest! Universe fire Thunder Formation, that is big women renowned powerful killing formation, is covering the entire big women, protected big women many years. But in rune/symbol Wenyuan, there is small-scale universe Fire Lightning killing formation! The words that must really open perhaps, fight the institute disciple to live, but can be complete did not say.

jade is elegant, this is your mistakes! Apology!” Big Kun Dean said, arrives at side the king astronomy, then looks to pay Yuya they, obviously did not stand that side them. pay Yuya feels now own unusual grievance, but has to apologize. Kneels down to apologize!” king Tianwen supplements one. pay Yuya can only the leading knees kneel down, then lowers the head to king Tianwen apologizes, other war institute disciples also follow to kneel down. Old Wang, do you satisfy now?” The big Kun Dean smile said: This matter passed like this!” Ok!” The king astronomy was also calmed down, then asked: „Did that group of fellows come?” Had come, I have arranged the person, brings this place them!” Big Kun Dean suddenly said resolutely: No Heavenly God palace this time comes prepared, you cannot treat it lightly!” Knew that no Heavenly God palace, disciple on the scene, rune/symbol Wenyuan fights the institute, look at each other in blank dismay, in a low voice discussing. They are ask us to compete with?” rune/symbol Wenyuan an elder asked. Yes! Previous time they came, to defeat young people who fought the institute! This time, comes to your rune/symbol Wenyuan young people!” Big Kun Dean said, looked at rune/symbol Wenyuan the person, said: You as if do not have young face Ah! This not?” king Tianwen referred to Shen Xiang, said with a smile: Little Shen, with good purple gold jade command! Waits to make no Heavenly God palace experience our fierce!” Last night, the king astronomy made Shen Xiang probably come this morning, Shen Xiang found it strange at that time, really had the matter to wait for him.