World Defying Dan God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4170
From the Kun Dean words could also hear, before fighting the institute, unexpectedly to lose to no Heavenly God palace greatly!

Fighting the institute is responsible for fighting, cannot be victorious no Heavenly God palace in the fight aspect, this simply is shame Ah! No wonder rune/symbol Wenyuan looks down upon to fight the purple gold jade of institute to make the disciple. Old Wang, he just entered my big women, just became rune/symbol Wenyuan the disciple, although gave him the purple gold jade command, but this...... does not seem to be able to represent our big women Ah! Kun Dean to knit the brows to say greatly. Good, and various Tiandian does not have the Heavenly God palace, or is other Sect competition compares notes, what we must show is the inheritance of big women outstanding.” female disciple shouted of war institute: Whose knows that Shen Xiang just entered the big women shortly, he is unable to represent our big women!” Shen Xiang carefully looked at this female disciple, she is not the purple gold jade makes the disciple, but is Ke Qiutong, is Ke Yumeng the wicked elder sister. Old Wang, making Little Shen go, rune/symbol mark who this as if inappropriate Ah! moreover at the competition, must use our big women, he receives the disciple token today, how can he possibly learn our big women profound rune/symbol mark?” Big Kun Dean whispered. old pay, this you do not know! The Little Shen master may have the background greatly, with some Kun ancestor Grandma origins. The say/way of symbol mark therefore Little Shen studies, is our big women.” king Tianwen said. He has not talked nonsense, because he really thinks! Hears the king astronomy the words, pay Yuya gawked staring. Because before Shen Xiang, truly takes the token to enter Kun Zushan manor Zhaokun to be sensitive together, but was given to keep off by her outside, they also become enemies at that time! Knew that Shen Xiang really has the background greatly, pay Yuya was somewhat worried, although she can enter Kun Zushan village, is Kun ancestor Grandma apprentice, but...... Kun ancestor Grandma was missing was very long, moreover has rarely directed her. Moreover who knows, Kun ancestor Grandma of big women, the one who is most adept is rune/symbol mark, only then obtains Kun ancestor Grandma rune/symbol mark to inherit, that can be Kun ancestor successor! Heard the king astronomy saying that big Kun Dean was very shocking, is looking at carefully Shen Xiang again carefully! Little Shen, has a look quickly!” king Tianwen arrives in front of Shen Xiang, gives a Shen Xiang booklet, whispered: Waits for uses this above rune/symbol mark, knows?”

This is what trash thing!” Shen Xiang flips casually, whispered: „Can Dean, use my own?” Although they are talking in a low voice, but his words everyone on the scene hears! Important rune/symbol mark who king Tianwen gives inherits, in the Shen Xiang eye unexpectedly is what trash thing. The king astronomy somewhat is also surprised, own thing, was looked down on unexpectedly, but he also feels very normal, after all Shen Xiang is his big brother. Is super to the symbol mark perception, moreover browses god territory rune/symbol mark initially, Realm truly is not he can compare. This, you must make no Heavenly God palace see are rune/symbol mark that's alright of my big women!” king Tianwen said. Ok!” Shen Xiang nods, said: rune/symbol Wenshi can who if I defeat no Heavenly God palace, give me to select the advantage?” This will definitely have!” king Tianwen said with a smile: So long as you won, anything said!” Little Shen, does not know that what your master is surnamed? With Kun ancestor Grandma is what relationship?” Big Kun Dean cannot suppress the curiosity in heart, goes forward to ask hastily. I don't know either, I was adopted by the master since childhood. After the master brings I leave the mountain, me entrusts to Uncle Ke.” Shen Xiang said, he is this set of excuse. old pay, Little Shen or the disciple in Saint pill Institute! I heard, he inspects, even/including Shengdan of Institute Dean old Du looked at him, Hehe!” King astronomy sound transmission approaches greatly Kun Dean sound transmission in secret. This command greatly Kun Dean is one startled, is somewhat unbelievable, after all can make Saint pill Dean send out, that showing really has the skill, and has the background greatly. pay Yuya even more looked that Shen Xiang is uncomfortable, always thought that Shen Xiang robbed all her crest of wave. Therefore she looks forward to Shen Xiang and other to suffer a more disastrous defeat! Soon , the person in no Heavenly God palace came, altogether dozens people, the semblance middle-aged person and old person is the majority, the young people only have several.

Is old man that the head comes, comes to see after pay Yuya their crowds fight the institute disciple, then jokes: „Isn't this previous time loses to our these fellows? How do they here, want to lose again one time?” This is the command fights the institute disciple annoyedly, but does not dare to say anything, their previous time truly loses very ugly! Li Lingfei your few idle talk, this time challenges our rune/symbol Wenyuan, what thing brought? Without the thing, our rune/symbol Wenyuan does not meet head-on, wastes the strength.” The king astronomy comes up, comes straight to the point directly. Day bead Mine that south dark blue billows state, hundred have not mined! If I lost, gives you completely! Your rune/symbol Wenyuan must put out the same condition to come!” Li Lingfei of no Heavenly God palace, start to talk presents everyone complexion big change on the command. The king astronomy, as if somewhat cannot resist. Ha, was frightened? Doesn't dare with?” Lebanese Ling flying laughs. The person in no Heavenly God palace, is the whole face contemptuously ridicules, looks at a big women disciple. How not to dare, I with!” king Tianwen immediately shouted. Old Wang, this......” Kun Dean thought greatly needs to discuss. All right, lost calculated my rune/symbol Wenyuan! My rune/symbol Wenyuan, good and bad also has several hundred mines, we with.” King astronomy actually very heroic spirit, because he believes Shen Xiang, he has experienced Shen Xiang's rune/symbol mark, that level is strong. Good, we first sign the contract!” Lebanese Ling flying said with a smile: King Dean, does not know where you come self-confident......, but I really hope that you can win, this can also extinguish the sharp qi of our no Heavenly God palace these arrogant disciples!” Meets such as you to hope.” king Tianwen also laughs. After signing the contract, the people look peacefully, does not dare to speak.

You fight the institute previous time to lose ten mines, is superficial about you, if loses hundred mines, but very meat pain.” Lebanese Ling flying said with a smile: However to our no Heavenly God palaces, this is actually indifferent.” Relax, we can certainly win, you do not need to worry for us!” King astronomy coldly snorted. Ok, that starts! According to the convention, first examines the age!” Lebanese Ling flying puts out a disc of detecting appliance. king Tianwen pushes out Shen Xiang! Yo, is the purple gold jade makes the disciple, looks very young!” Lebanese Ling flying saw that the Shen Xiang waist is hanging the purple gold jade command, but has not felt surprised, instead also somewhat the meaning of despising. After Shen Xiang examination age, is 14 years old! This age also made one very surprised, was only 14 years old, grasped rune/symbol mark? Also dares to compete with no Heavenly God palace? Before Shen Xiang, when the World Defying world, has examined one time, at that time was also 14 years old. From that time, already in the past for a long time, but he is still 14 -year-old, his age examination as if throughout is 14-year-old. We just learned of the news, this disciple just pay respects to join big women!” That side no Heavenly God palace the middle age said suddenly. „It is not in the way, rune/symbol mark who he uses are our big women, you can certainly recognize!” king Tianwen waves, says with a smile: He is the disciple of our big women in secret trained, big Kun amulet attached to a door mark master who incited the primary taste absolutely.”